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"So in the Libyan fable it is told
That once an eagle,stricken with a dart,
Said when he saw the fashion of the shaft,
With our own feathers, not by others' hand,
Are we now smitten. ' "
Exercising the power of clarity--putting ordnance on target--let's make clear the chaos of the treasonable motives threaded throughout the political power play narrated in this series.
Peter W. Chiarelli plays the role of General Courtney Massengale (aka General Court Marshall).
Pete got suckered! Ray Girouard and his squad mates are paying the price for Pete Chiarelli's and Michael Steele's cowardice and incompetence.
Urban infantry warfare tactics Chiarelli, Steele, and their Iraqi counterparts structured to engage and destroy the reported threat near Samarra were conceived using intelligence gathered by and confirmed by Iraqi sources. But instead of finding an ant hill of insurgent recruits and their drill masters, Girouard and the others in Steele's combat team landed at a convent.
The bad guys knew we were comin'. In consequence Iron Triangle did not unfold as expected. The raid was unopposed. And confusion reigned with the discovery of women and children populating what had been briefed and hyped as a hard target snake pit objective.
Army propagandists put the best face on the embarrassment as was possible.
Quoting an Army source, "The combined three-day [Iron Triangle] operation netted more than 200 [two-hundred] suspected insurgents. Propaganda materials, rifles, and video were found during searches. Iraqi soldiers also gathered names of potential threats from the detainees nabbed during the operation."
Only one U.S. troop was injured. No American or Iraqi soldiers died.
The bad guys put up no resistance. There was no fight.
One Iraqi Army officer proudly told print media, "We have found some smaller [weapons] caches and have captured more then 10 [ten] men who we found to be part of the Tahiwed and Jihad [insurgent groups]."
Some insurgent boot camp. Ten guys and a few guns. WOW!
Oh, don't forget the two-hundred [200] "suspects" collected up over the three-day combat action inside the 93-square mile OPAREA.
None of the Iraqi civilian deaths were publicly reported (between 50 to 71). We don't know their identities or how they died (Medical examiner reports remain under guard). Forty-eight (48) of those deaths occurred on Ray Girouard's objective, the Muthana Chemical complex.

Failures to report taken together with deceptive reports of success betray Chiarelli's guilty conscience.

Pete Chiarelli was baited. He took to the scent of the terrorist training camp like a Beagle to bacon.

Chiarelli assigned the mission to his Georgia Bulldog, Mike Steele, and Steele's Pit bull pups. Steele figuratively starved and beat his brood revving them for a fight to the death. Steele prepared his men to die.

Then something bad happened.

The dogs of war came off their birds shootin' at everything that moved. Sergeants like Ray Girouard recognized almost immediately something was wrong and worked furiously to restore sanity and restraint to a battle field where confusion blinded the confused.

"Insurgents" hiding behind women and children. Steele and Chiarelli were had. The mission was compromised and our guys got sucked into a politically explosive trap.

Operation Iron Triangle was unopposed!

Sergeants hitting the ground like Ray knew they had a problem and did what they could to keep their men and innocents safe. Ray left his men to load women and kids on a Blackhawk when three of the middle-aged males got capped.

But before order was restored on the Chemical Plant objective, forty-five (45) more died.

Still the restraint of sergeants saved lives.

What had been intended a great success in the days leading up to America's mid-term congressional elections turned out a miserable failure.

The trap snapped shut when word leaked out about the Iron Triangle combat action. Matters became frantic once Steele's ROE command made its way to print media ("kill all military age males"). Panic escalated once Steele's other combat adventures started coming under a microscope.

It's at this point Ray Girouard's life changed. Pete Chiarelli used Ray and his squad like the enemy terrorists had used the ladies and kids. That is to say, as ritual tribal cannibal sacrifice.

Someone on the Iraqi side set our troops up. Iron Triangle was doomed. Exposure of Iraqi duplicity was extraordinarily damaging to U.S.-Iraqi political relations in the five months before U.S. midterms and quick action had to be effected to reduce embarrassment all around.

The Iron Triangle Article 32 was a fraud. The courts-martial it spawned were all frauds!

Ray's fake Art. 32, with the promise of a series of pretend courts-martial, was the fix...and was fixed! Undeniable in its intrigue, the fake 32 is distinguished by invisible, deep, and subtle scheming. Chiarelli's evil offerings of Ray and his men were politically driven and remain criminally indecent.

Girouard and his men (and Marine Sgt. Hutchins) are kidnapped. Pete Chiarelli is one of their panic-stricken captors.

Accusations made against Ray lack motive. But government motives abound. Disguising Ray's combat experience as an isolated episode of a rogue cell facilitated the examination of small mysteries used to obstruct a more expansive and appropriate investigation regarding U.S.-Iraqi command involvements and decisions from Chiarelli down.

Chiarelli instead fed Ray and his men like chum to the blood-thirsty sharks in the press pool and to the denizens of the congressional cesspool. "Big Army" turned against Ray, then turned Ray's men against Ray.

The Iron Triangle men were JAG-knifed by a ruling military elite, mercilessly coerced to the point they were turned against each other and on themselves. Government accusations leveled against Ray and his men are unproven and unprovable. Today they are being punished without a jury trial for crimes they did not commit in sacrifice shielding Chiarelli and his cohorts.

Attendant death penalties worked to agitate an already frenetic feeding frenzy sensationalizing the already sensational. Ray and his men, and then their defense teams, were paralyzed in response, and rendered powerless to defend themselves.

Through all of this there is exhibited the expression of Executive Government to imprison men for reasons of State. It is the expression of the courts-martial system. It is the expression of the power of attainder.

It is remarkable to observe how Pete Chiarelli, Mike Steele, Nate Johnson, Jim Daniel, and remaining command racketeers responsible for entombing innocent men like Ray conducted their star-chamber council. In Ray's counterfeit, substitute probable cause hearing it's chilling to consider with what passionate consistency these men strove to ingnore and obscure facts.

Modern-day "Court" Massengales, our military royalty, regard the Constitution as merely a pesky legal technality. Think about this. Think on it very hard.

There exists here an enormous scandal demanding public exposition and public discussion. The first step is the release of Ray Girouard (and Larry Hutchins too). Let the Sergeants freely and publicly tell us what they know.

As a student of Ayn Rand,

"I do not make assertions. That is the moral crime peculiar to my enemies. I do not tell--I show. I do not claim--I prove. It is not your obedience that I seek to win, but rather your rational conviction. You have seen all the elements of their secret system. The conclusion is now yours to draw--we can help you to name it, but not to accept it--the sight, the knowledge and the acceptance must by yours."

-Atlas Shrugged


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Monday, December 29, 2008


(PART I) - (PART II) - (PART III) - (PART V with related links)

No Article 32 probable cause hearing was conducted before Ray Girouard's general court-martial. Ray's court-martial-- in consequence--is rendered void even by Defense Department procedural standards. A Supreme Court ruling is consistent on this point and worthy of consideration.

Ray Girouard, belonging to the army is not subject to the illegal and irresponsible general court-martial he suffered, when the law for convening his court-martial and directing its proceedings and organization were so blatantly disregarded. In Ray's general court-martial, "everything which was done is void, not voidable, but void."

Ray's is an innocent man who must be released.

Beyond these facts, what remains of the narrative regarding Operation Iron Triangle becomes instructive if not interesting regarding requisite duties left to perform. The immediate release of Ray and his men for beginners.

U.S. Army and Iraqi Army commanders conceived, planned, and executed Operation Iron Triangle (OIT) based upon--in part--intelligence collected, evaluated, and confirmed by Iraqi Army planning and intelligence officers.

One U.S. Army planner and boots on the ground OIT participant remarked, "The partnership between Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces was one of the many successes of the [OIT] mission. Expanding on his compliment the American officer said, "The Iraqi Army is becoming more and more competent in the planning and execution of missions. In regards to that, they are very capable of doing their own tactical operations and reacting to intelligence."

Iron Triangle force levels deployed a reported 230 U.S. troops and nearly 200 Iraqi soldiers, all supported by about 80 wheeled vehicles. CH-47 Chinook and UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters were used in the airborne assault.

Pete Chiarelli, the senior in-theater Coalition commander, was primarily responsible for launching the 72-hour raid into a 93-square mile footprint. This complex combat event was a scrimmage for the Iraqi Army testing them in a joint-service assault on hard target objectives. Rules of engagement (ROE) varied depending upon the operational command level.

Ray's squad deployed against the Multhana Chemical Complex production facility after U.S and Iraqi intelligence sources pin-pointed the site as an active insurgent training camp.

Michael Steele, the senior on-scene OIT commander, issued written and verbal orders to Ray and his men to "kill all military age males" at their assigned objectives.

48 Iraqis died at Muthana. From 2 to 23 more died at other OIT sites (between 50 - 71 OIT total dead). At least 2 Iraqis were injured.

Coalition (friendly) forces reported one soldier injured, no deaths.

(Note: These OIT casualty numbers are not previously, publicly reported).

Almost immediately, and very quietly events surrounding Operation Iron Triangle came under military criminal investigation.

Mike Steele and his men faced charges in varying degrees of murder, manslaughter, assault, dereliction of duty, false statements, and failures to report.

Only the charges against Ray and his men came to public attention. Men in Ray's squad were tied to three (3) of the 48 Iraqis killed at the Multhana objective.

Army officials faked Ray's Art. 32, and later his court-martial to obstruct attention from the more sensitive IT operational details. All military criminal proceedings against Ray and his squad mates were pure deceptions, DOD intrigues.

The seriousness of these deceptions is difficult to describe. Death penalties were sought for men known to be innocent.

Pete Chiarelli, due to the scope and reach of the accusations, was required to divorce himself and all subordinates from investigative duties if the results were to be credibly relied upon. But rather than recuse himself from the several criminal investigation of his own combat event, Chiarelli illegally maintained command control over all inquiries.

Colonel Mike Steele was Chiarelli's OIT on-scene brigade commander.

Down Chiarelli's command chain, Nate Johnson was the battalion commander on the ground during OIT. James Daniel had carried out OIT intelligence assessments and operational planning.

These two lieutenant colonels were closest to Ray's fake Art. 32. Both officers were lawfully barred from investigating matters that could have reached to their own conduct and performance, not to mention reaching much higher up the food chain to their senior commanders. Indeed, it became Johnson's and Daniel's assigned duty to contain information regarding OIT by concealment and to keep their examination tightly focused.

Daniel's betrayed their criminal hands when he lied to the assembled audience at the fake Art. 32 regarding the roles of both light colonels.

Daniel, posing as a legitimate hearing officer, constructed a crime scene which as blatantly disregarded protections afforded to the accused service members as it was systematic (even in haste) toward enhancing the government's best advantage.

Jim Daniel was an imposter. Daniel, with his lies, endorsed the fraud of a fake Art. 32 and the part Daniel played in its conduct.

Under Johnson's watchful command perch, Daniel sorted out and eradicated all information Ray and his men needed to defend themselves. Daniel also made it impossible for any negative effects creeping up the command chain beyond Michael Steel.

Impostor Daniel's fake Art. 32 was the only probable cause hearing (leading to general court-martial) while there should have been many more. One for Mike Steele, and one each for each of Ray's men in the dock. Reducing the number of pre-courts-martial hearings minimized release and exposure of dangerous information that required tight control.

Daniel the impostor was the only officer who had to be compromised.

Daniel's clandestine appointments with Mike Steele and other OIT accused were completely illegal. Daniel took on the role as a biased law enforcement officer reading these men their rights. It then became impossible for Daniel to sit as an impartial fact finder at the probable cause hearing.

With malice of forethought characteristic to the morality of cannibals, Daniel the impostor became a criminal accessory in those illicit acts he suffered upon Ray and his squad mates.

Daniel the impostor allowed coerced testimony to be spoken while tightly restricting testimony impeaching witnesses who were clearly under duress. Mike Steele, for instance, did not appear at the fake 32 hearing scared away by Daniel's threat of a general court-martial.

Daniel obstructed and manipulated physical evidence. For example, Samarra hospital medical records and death certificates for the OIT dead are concealed or are destroyed.

Tersely, the plan of Daniel's fake 32 was to manage and control information, and not to discover facts. The fake 32 was under the command and control of officers who were personally involved in the planning and conduct of OIT, that specific combat event under direct examination. Those officers manipulating the fake 32 held a personal interest in its outcome.

This beginning to Ray Girouard's general courts-martial process is so completely compromised that nothing that follows can be supported. Daniel the imposter's fake 32 illustrates with precision the already established Army practice of dissemination of false information (recall Abu Ghraib and Army Corporal Pat Tillman). Ray's court-martial is completely consistent with the Army track record in the handling of bad information (as practiced by what Tony Taguba calls a military "mafia"). The command racketeers involved here are characteristically impassive and unconcerned to the obvious risk of discovery.

Those racketeers need to think again.

No Article 32, no general court-martial!

Release Ray and his men now!

More to follow in Part V.


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Monday, December 22, 2008

JAG HUNTER here: (posting from the Sweetwater, Tennessee Library)

This narrative is intended to explain how and why senior commanders forced-marched Michael Steele into exile, and Steel's innocent subordinates into Defense Department catacombs. The four purposes served in this posting are:

(1) To discuss the "guilty memories" of Ray Girouard's commanders (Part II), exposing his Article 32 probable cause hearing as a counterfeit substitute,

(2) To justify the call for Ray's immediate release, the release of Ray's men, the release of Larry Hutchins, and every other innocent serviceman followed by,

(3) Effecting their return home by Christmas and,

(4) Using examples on these JAG HUNTER pages (this series in particular) to repeat the warning to Americans that U.S. military commanders have forsaken the U.S. Constitution.

So, anyone who has access, get the word to General of the Army George W. Bush (commander in chief): release Ray and the others today/tonight!

Anyone with access to Mike Steele, tell him God and sinners reconcile. Come forward and speak the truth!


Nathaniel Johnson, Jr. commanded the 3rd battalion of the 187th infantry regiment during the Iron Triangle Operation. Michael Steele, as the brigade commander, was one of Johnson's senior officers.

Ray Girouard was a squad leader and sergeant in CHARLIE company, one of the companies in Nate Johnson's 3rd battalion.

Nate Johnson was one of Ray's senior officers.

Mike Steele, Nate Johnson, and Ray Girouard--operating within there respective combat units--were on the ground on 9 May 2006, near Samara, Iraq, engaged in the combat actions of Iron Triangle.

Nate Johnson, as a combat battalion commander under Steele's brigade command, was intimately familiar and briefed completely on Iron Triangle operational details encompassing every aspect of urban infantry warfare. Nate Johnson had to be completely familiar, for instance, with Mike Steele's specialized Iron Triangle rules of engagement (ROE) so as to effectively deploy Ray Girouard's CHARLIE company in the subsequent battle.

Nate Johnson was present at the 4 May 2006 Iron Triangle pre-mission OPORDER briefing.

Nate Johnson was on the ground--in combat--on 9 May 2006 at and during the Iron Triangle assault, and...

Nate Johnson was present at the 14 May 2006 Iron Triangle post-operational briefing (or "hot wash-up" review and lessons learned meeting).

Nate Johnson's battlefield conduct during Iron Triangle, with that of Johnson's boss, Michael Steele came under criminal scrutiny on 11 May 2006 (OIT's third day).

In fact, Steele's entire stint as 3rd brigade combat team commander had become problematic to Army brass and had soared to crisis status as perceived a rapidly growing threat to the Army's public image. Steele's standing order to "KILL ALL MILITARY AGED MALES" had leaked to the press.

The frenetic activity that erupted to shield senior officers from examination and embarrassment locked-up Ray Girouard and his men in Fort Leavenworth.


Brigadier General Thomas Maffey (one-star flag officer) was an early actor taking notes, gathering facts, interviewing soldiers who fought at Iron Triangle, taking their official statements.

The Army Criminal Investigative Division (or CID) began inquiries.

Steele's command climate rendered the Pentagon's Courtney Masengales panic-stricken.

Steele's KILL ALL MILITARY AGED MALES standing order produced
48 dead at the Multhana Chemical site, (not all of the dead were men) (44 bodies
added to body parts identifying 4 others).

The need for a cover-story pushing the problem to the lowest level combat unit-- disconnecting combat commanders Pete Chiarelli, Mike Steele and Nate Johnson from responsibility and accountability--was as evident as it was urgent.

Staff Sergeant Ray Girouard's name and the names of his squad mates were pulled from the hat in the "Massengale lottery."

It must surprise no one that battalion commander Nate Johnson was directed to assemble and oversee the Article 32 investigation that would ensure the safety of the Army's IMAGE and the careers of many senior political officers.

Nate Johnson ordered James Daniel to appear to the public as the Article 32 hearing officer. But in this ventriloquist's performance, Daniel was the wooden dummy sitting on Nate Johnson's lap, lifeless and powerless.

Exposition of Daniel--the Article 32 hearing officer--as a government mole is dispositive and fatal. Evidence of government intrigue rapidly accumulates seen through this magnifying glass.

The Article 32 plan was to create a fictive story intended to lead a false path. The fiction became sensational once the death penalty was put in play. The scheme was audacious in its false beginning spawning something even more sinister and hideous.
In these early moments, the work of Nate Johnson is recognized as attempted murder. Physical evidence available to betray Johnson's efforts is concealed or destroyed. What's left only serves to punctuate the government's deception.
The need for secrecy was imperative!
Nate Johnson issued a gag order regarding information that exposed the government campaign against Ray and his men for what it was.

All pertinent documents are locked up or destroyed.

Samara hospital records were collected by government officials and then disappeared. Medical examiner reports are gone. Papers recording the identities of the dead are guarded or shredded.

Available film footage was confiscated never to surface.

Nate Johnson was still in command of the 187th infantry regiment during Ray Girouard's 1 August 2006 Article 32. It was Johnson's 187th infantry regiment that engaged Iron Triangle objectives on 9 May 2006. Johnson himself was a full participant in this operation, and was called as a witness to his own hearing. Johnson denied the request that Johnson appear and answer questions.

Johnson did allow men under his command influence to testify. Twenty-three of twenty-seven Article 32 witnesses were under Johnson's command and control.

Johnson denied requests that his boss, Michael Steele appear to answer questions.

Thomas Maffey's earlier investigation report was disallowed into Article 32 evidence.

When questioned, James Daniel, Johnson's wooden dummy, lied to the assembled Article 32 audience regarding his connections to the case and seven accused soldiers. Daniel, for instance, said he did not know Michael Steele formally. What Daniel the wooden dummy failed to publicly state was that Daniel had met with Steele two-hours earlier to read Steele his rights and attempt an interview.

After the government agents had sufficient time and resources to perfect there counterfeit Article 32 substitution, Johnson dumped the fraud on unalerted and already overworked defense teams. It's a small point really. A belt and suspenders approach. Johnson's other plans made certain there was no possibility to prepare a counter-offensive, even if the time were available.

For example, in agency with other government officials, Johnson populated a witness list of over one-hundred people, knowing fully that many credible witnesses did not exist. This tactic was employed to engage Ray's advocates in activities counterproductive to Ray's defense.
For his part--enjoying the full protection and power afforded him by the U.S. government--Johnson was unconcerned he would suffer any criminal consequence for his manipulation of information and people .
Johnson's insurmountable conflict manifesting himself in command of the investigation of his own outfit was of no consequence to Army brass.
Johnson's mission was to pave the way for Steele's quiet ouster. Johnson's assignment was to ensure Ray and his men ran block to curious outsiders distracting them with a series of death penalty courts-martial.
Under America's War Articles (the Uniform Code of Military Justice) a general court-martial is prohibited without first conducting a proper Article 32 hearing.
Even under its own martial system of discipline, if military governors depart from established process, the investigation or court-martial is void. A nullity. It's nothing!
These are the same pages from DOD's court-martial playbook used in the Camp Pendleton Eight courts-martial package. Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins is innocent as well as Ray Girouard and for the same sorts of reasons.
More follows...


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

JAG HUNTER here (posting from the Sweetwater, Tennessee Library):

I wish to disabuse readers there was anything lawyerly, lawful, or moral regarding the IRON TRIANGLE series of courts-martial.
Ray Girouard, Ray's men and many others to include Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins are imprisoned in Defense Department caves as innocent men.

To understand why, one must comprehend and appreciate the mind of Army General Courtney or "Court" Massengale.

Massengale is Anton Myrer's antagonist in the novel Once An Eagle.

Court Massengail is a very dark appellation spoken in low whispers in code throughout Pentagon corridors. The disparagement laconically and instantly identifies flag officers known to embrace Massengail's evil nature.

Massengail's is a severely practical and vicious mind. The power, design, dim and vague patterns found in all courts-martial are its sinister products.

To Massengail, Soldiers and Marines like Ray and Larry are no more than firewood--to be cut down, chopped up, stacked, then burned in sacrifice to flag officer careers and myriad Defense Department interests.

Michael Steele, Ray's commanding officer, entered Iraq with gloves off. Steele's command climate and battlefield antics in early 2006 renewed and darkly redefined the one-time motto: "An Army of ONE." As Steele's combat antics drew closer to public attention he became a frightening threat to the Massengails then officed in the Pentagon who perceived the potential of serious harm to BIG ARMY's image. Pete Chiarelli was particularly stressed.

Michael Steele was an overreaching, careless, and incompetent infantry combat commander. Movie star Steele will appreciate more than most the movie metaphor comparing Steele to the Nick Nolte character in The Thin Red Line.

Author Anton Myrer used Massengail to symbolize the abuses of the military discipline system whereupon men like Massengail are the predators, and soldiers like Ray Girouard become the prey. In the novel Massengail day-dreams--after promoting to four-star flag rank-- that his last name had been Marshall.

General Courtney Marshall.

General "Court" Marshall.

Coming to an understating regarding the personality and motives of emperors like Court Massengail is to completely appreciate why Ray Girouard is locked up at Fort Leavenworth this Christmas time.

When Michael Steele became a threat to the Army's public image he had to go!

BIG ARMY's "Steele dilemma" accelerated to warp-speed damage control status when Steele's standing order to "KILL ALL MILITARY AGE MALES" found its way to print journalists.

Brigade commander, movie star Steele was too high profile a personality to court-martial, so Ray's court-martial was used as the vehicle to obstruct and divert public attention. Ray and his men were courts-martialed in a subterfuge combat action, while behind the scenes, Steele was quietly stripped of his infantry brigade combat command, removed from the battlefield, removed from Iraq, now to be quietly ushered out of the Army.

Any number of combat actions could have been singled out, used as a cover-story to shield Mike Steele and Pete Chiarelli. But Ray and his men--unfortunately--won the Massengail lottery. Ray's name, like Hutchins in the Camp Pendleton Eight circumstance, was plucked from the hat with the pleasure, amusement, and relief men like Massengail experience with the infliction of wrongful suffering upon innocent subordinates.

Massengail's crimes against Ray and his men are crimes of passion ever after on display.

Massengail's guilty memory is recorded in the preliminary records leading up to Ray's bogus disciplinary hearing. We'll begin profiling "Massengail's memories" in Part III of this series.


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

JAG HUNTER HERE (posting from the Sweetwater, Tennessee Library):

America's courts-martial scheme is burdened by a grim reputation. Experienced readers of courts-martial records become conscious always of power and design. In the series of courts-martial surrounding Operation Iron Triangle (9 May 2006), these distinctive factors quickly emerge from the shadows as a ship emerges from dense fog.

Army Ranger -- Staff Sergeant Raymond L.
Girouard is being punished without a jury trial for crimes he never committed.

Courts-martial records are full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes. In consequence of reading yesterday some of the earliest Iron Triangle reports the diabolical government agency that acted against Ray and Ray's men took immediate shape and became coherent.

JAG-knifed, Ray
Girouard pays with his life for Michael Steele's avarice of rank and audacity.

Colonel "Black Hawk Down" Michael Steele was Iron Triangle's senior on-scene commander and was in Ray's chain of command on 9 May 2006. Steele is a man of reputation.

The small mysteries attendant to the Iron Triangle investigations and discipline hearings are quickly undone with exposition of Steele's unique command climate and Steele's own personal rules of engagement (ROE).

50 to 71 people died during the IT operation. Army officials buried all the bodies in a tomb of classified records.

Steele--a disciple of Civil War General William T. Sherman--crafted an ROE that employed a system of urban infantry warfare fully expressing the power of the U.S. government designed to force the Iraqi people to succumb.

The Fake Article-32

The quicksand foundation in the conduct of the preliminary investigations and in the Article 32 hearing does not support the weight of any of the subsequent IT courts-martial. Instead the hidden hands of government intent are exposed. Ray and his men were picked to protect and shield with their freedoms and their lives the IMAGE of the U.S. Army.

Steele was commanding officer, 3rd Battalion, 187
th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

Ray's court-martial, as all the others, were command performances of the 187
th Infantry Regiment. These were "family affairs." Mike Steele (brigade commander) was Nathaniel Johnson's, Jr. boss. It was Johnson who ordered the Article 32 investigation into being.

Johnson ordered James P. Daniel to sit as the Art. 32 hearing officer.

Daniel's duty as hearing officer to the formal Art. 32 was to impartially find and report facts.

But Daniel abrogated his authority as impartial fact-finder secretly switching roles to become a combination military detective and prosecutor. A government advocate. Ray's deliberate and dedicated enemy.

Daniel's subsequent activities rendered his own Art. 32 investigation, along with Ray's court-martial (and all the others) not just voidable, but void. All of the IT disciplinary hearings are nothing...as if they never

Daniel's formal Art. 32 commenced at 1850 hours (6: 50 p.m. local), Tuesday evening, 1 August 2006 in theater Iraq with all attorneys and other actors present.

Nearly two-hours earlier, at 1700 hours (5:00 p.m. local), James Daniel met privately, one-on-one, with suspect Michael Steele. There were no attorneys present. Daniel's purpose at this
pre-Art. 32 gathering was to issue to suspect Steele his formal rights warning regarding the events surrounding the IT operation. Daniel would have interviewed Steele had Steele agreed to waive his protections.

Daniel met with six other Iron Triangle suspects to read them their protections and conduct interviews had these men been amenable. That Tuesday afternoon Daniel met with suspect Daniel C. Hart at 1649 hours, with Eric J.
Geressy at 1650 hours, and with suspect Leonel Lemus (2253 hours) after the fake 32 hearing shut down.

Daniel met with Micah B.
Bivins, Kevin A. Ryan, and David A. Neuman. The date and times of these secret meetings are not recorded.

The scope of Daniel's criminal conduct is extraordinary. None of the seven
clandestine encounters were attended by attorneys. NONE OF THEM!

There's more.

In the first thirty-minutes of the Art. 32 starting that Tuesday night, Mr. Michael
Waddington (civilian defense counsel for defendant William Hunsacker) asked James Daniel, "Do you know Colonel Steele?"

Daniel answered, "I've met him. I don't know him." Daniel continued, "We're not friends," I've never worked with him." Of course, at this moment in time and place, Daniel lied to a squad of attorneys representing Ray and the others.

The Article 32 hearing officer--Army Lieutenant Colonel James Daniel--openly lied in an open gathering. Daniel's lie is one of the keys that unlocks the door to Ray
Girouard's prison cell.

Daniel's contact with suspects before and outside the formal Art. 32 hearing room constitutes witness intimidation and witness influencing/tampering.

Daniel's willful dissembling constitutes a great deal more.

To be continued.


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tim King at Salem News reports Kit Lange's commentary on David Brahms.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

JAG HUNTER HERE (posting from the Sweetwater, Tennessee Library):


Value not man-made law which Natural Law does not endorse!

Memo to Robert and Terry Pennington (son and father Pennington): DO THE RIGHT THING!

Come forward and tell the truth regarding the truth about the Camp Pendleton Eight.

Reports on these JAG HUNTER and JAGMIRE pages--and elsewhere--remain uncontested and are uncontestable.

The truth is known about the military disciplinary system and how it worked against the Pennington family (and so many other innocent families).

It's reported Terry Pennington and David Brahms recently engaged in argument. It's not hard to speculate on at least one point setting these two men afire.

Brahms with other federal agents sent the Pennington family packing on a guilt trip that grows more arduous as the days pass. Encouraged by brutes like David Brahms and James Connolly Terry and Robert are responsible for sending an innocent Marine to Fort Leavenworth.

Terry and Dave fought about the terrible weight Brahms put on their backs (and others) that eventually will crush all those under its burden.

Terry and Robert can shurg this burden and capture back what integrity and honor is left to the Pennington family name. Terry and Robert can see to it an innocent man is released from the DoD catacombs.

Report all you know regarding the diabolical agency that unites men like David Brahms, Alan Dershowitz, Anita Gorecki, Rich Brannon, Michael Steel. Tell us all you can about their cabal and community of interests. Explain to us how these reprobates make a living on your backs--and besmirch family names in the process!

Cast off the anchor. Give yourselves and other innocents one of the great gifts you have to offer in this season of giving.

Report the truth!



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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Retired Head JAG Interferes in Plans For Lawsuit Meant to Free Marine Sergeant Hutchins

by Kit Lange

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Saturday, December 6, 2008



Terry and Deanna Pennington are grandparents.

Robert Pennington, their son, raped two people. First there was the teenager, impregnated and now a mother of one.

Next there was the rape of Sergeant Hutchins.

The rape of the teenage girl led to the rape of Larry Hutchins, Rob Pennington's sergeant and squad leader in Hamdania, Iraq.

Sergeant Hutchins sits today--ATTAINTED--at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent James H. Connolly, senior investigator in the Hamdania series of courts-martial (the Camp Pendleton Eight), needed and dragooned Rob Pennington's false testimony against Sgt. Hutchins to support Connolly's fabled ghost story.

Pennington's rape of the girl was handled very quietly on the civilian side. But Pennington was an active duty Marine--on leave--at the moment of conception.

Military detective Jim Connolly found out about Pennington's rape having direct access to Pennington's civilian criminal through a new military-civilian joint data base constructed as part of the Law Enforcement Information Exchange program. With the LINX info in hand, Conolly threatened Marine Pennington with a court-martial on the girl's rape should Robert be tempted to do the right thing, and truthfully testify in defense of Sergeant Hutchins.

Pennington the coward, Robert the rapist saw to it instead that Sgt. Hutchins was imprisoned as an innocent man.

Terry and Deanna retained David Brahms as civilian defense counsel.

Brahms is a retired brigadier general (one-star officer) who retired from the Marine Corps as the Judge Advocate, Marines (JAM).

David Brahms raped Sergeant Hutchins too. Brahms is as much a coward as Rob Pennington. Both men disgrace the U.S. Marine Corps. Both men are criminals.

Terry Pennington tried to contact me two weeks ago. Grandfather Pennington knows that I know what his son did.

Both the Pennington grandparents are ranging around like cockroaches in the night trying to keep the lid on the crimes of their son, the crimes of the NCIS, the crimes of Jim Connolly, and the crimes of David Brahms.

The Pennington grandparents, doncha know, paid David Brahms a lot of money to work out Connolly's ghost story that attainted Sgt. Hutchins, and imprisoned an innocent man, and ruined an innocent family.

This is the THE AMERICAN MILITARY LEGACY OF ATTAINDER absent any judicial oversight, or credible law enforcement to hold command racketeers accountable.

NCIS-like, Connolly-like coercion and evidence tampering tactics were used in the case against Army Ranger, Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard, and Marine Corporal Kevin Holt to name just two examples. In the Staff Sergeant Girouard circumstance, Army CID goons siezed a collection of lap top computers from Girouard's men, then claimed to find child porn. Witnesses against Girouard were strong-armed to testify against SSgt. Girouard or face courts-martial on fictional child pornography charges.

Connolly and other NCIS agents used the same stunt against Sgt. Hutchins.

The porn accusations remain unproved.

NCIS agents tampered with blood evidence in Marine Kevin Holt's court-martial. Navy-Marine Corps officials repeatedly refuse to allow any modern DNA testing Holt insists will clear him.

Hutchins, Girouard, Holt, and so many others could be home by Christmas only if military officers were obedient to their oaths.

Then we could get on with the task of putting the real criminals behind bars, with a real jury's permission of course.

Here endth the lesson!

UPDATES: Monday morning, 8 December 2008

Google search using "Rob Pennington's rape" as search word (60,200 hits as of 1000 hours local)
The clemency request (use PDF's rotate page tool to upright the pages -- see last sentence, page 2)...captured from Representative Bill Delahunt's website captured this morning.


From West Point (probably wants to know the score to the Army-Navy game...34-zip! Go NAVY!!)

WHS (Washington D.C. Headquarters Services: The Pentagon

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Don't tell any one...but Ronald Gray's execution is stayed. Little is known why. But the widely held notion is that it's got something to do with Gray's ATTAINDER!

Stay tuned.

Here endth the lesson.

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